Couples Counselling / Marriage Counselling

Are you tired of fighting with each other over trivial things?

Do you feel criticized, nagged and blamed by your partner?

Do you find excuses to be away from home?

Are you sleeping in separate beds?

Are you saddened by the distance in your relationship?



Relationship challenges can be painful, and to compound the problem, the average couple waits six years before seeking help for marital problems. People suffer far too long with unhappiness without knowing that their relationships can be improved, sometimes markedly, with the help of a marriage counsellor. 

It is difficult to make the changes alone.  Most of us have never been taught the relationship skills required to maintain a marriage or solve problems within a marriage. 

Couples counselling can help.  Couples counselling offers you numerous ways to gain perspectives and tools to build a loving, strong and healthy long-term relationship.   I work with couples who are struggling with:

         Lack of trust

         Emotional distance

         Loss of intimacy

         Overcoming the impact of an affair

         Poor communication

         Power struggle

         The feeling of aloneness in the relationship

         Stress and pressure create by dealing with infertility


Using the proven method of Emotional Focused Marital Therapy (EFT) model, I help you:

         recognize destructive communication patterns

         identify negative “cause and effect” cycles

         address underlying issues

         learn how to stop blaming and resurrecting old wounds

         resolve conflicts with maturity and respect

         create emotional safety and security in the relationship

         rebuild connections, trust and intimacy


Recent studies suggest that over 90% of couples who participated in research on Emotionally Focused Therapy couples therapy improved their relationship and continued to have a strong and growing marriage even after 2 years of completing therapy.

As a Registered Professional Counsellor who has been trained in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy and Compassionate Communication Model, I can help you create passion and harmony in your relationship.  With your commitment and willingness to grow, it is possible to heal your relationship and feel the love and connection of your earlier relationship again.

You don’t have to suffer in pain any more, marriage/couples counselling is a worthy investment.  The more you invest in the marriage, the more valuable it becomes. 

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