About Helen

I am a Registered Professional Counsellor with the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association and a Clinical Hypnotherapist with the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association.

Prior to becoming a counsellor and a hypnotherapist, I worked in the corporate finance sector as a Certified Management Accountant (CMA). With the desire of fulfilling my highest potential and living a meaningful life, I embarked on a journey of transformation.  During this process, I realized that my passion was working with people to help them grow, heal and find greater purpose and meaning in their lives.

In my work with clients, I am mindful of the uniqueness of each individual that comes to me and I work as a catalyst as well as a companion on this journey with each person.   My therapy approach is compassionate, understanding, and at the same time, strategic and goal-oriented.  Not only do I work with clients to help them explore feelings, generate insights, discover belief systems, I also focus on core skills learning that are essential for people to move through challenges they face in life.

Aside from providing individual counselling/therapy, my background also includes extensive specialized training in Advanced Strategic Hypnotherapy and Imago Couples Therapy with numerous world's top experts in the marital counselling field.  I also provide workshops on topics such as effective communication, conflict resolution and change management (click here).

On a personal note, I am in my forties and have been married for 15 years.  In our marriage, my husband and I often use relationship skills we have learned over the years to build a close bond and to co-create a richer and more fulfilling life together.  We are consciously aware that such effort is not only beneficial for us as a couple, but it also contributes significantly toward our child growing into a healthy, responsible and relationally mature individual in the future.

While some clients prefer to use counselling alone to work through their issues, many of my individual clients prefer an integrated counselling/hypnotherapy approach which can be extremely powerful and effective and can potentially shorten the length of the therapy.  To find out more about Advanced Strategic Hypnotherapy, click here.