HypnoBirthing® Prenatal Classes for Gentle Birthing in South Surrey / White Rock   Hypnosis for birthing prenatal classes for White Rock, Surrey, Delta & Langley, BC

Are you looking for a calmer, gentler and more natural birth?

Do you feel anxious, stressed and fearful about giving birth?

Do you want to be relaxed and stay in control when you give birth?

Would you like your partner to have more skills to support you during your pregnancy and labour?

HypnoBirthing®, the Mongan method is a complete prenatal education program.  This program gives you the tools to have a calmer and gentler birth.  You will learn deep relaxation, special breathing methods and visualization techniques to help you stay comfortable and relaxed.

The HypnoBirthing® method can be used whether you are having a home birth, hospital birth, working with a doctor or a midwife.

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What Helen's Clients have said:

"Thank you Helen for your support and help.  We had a great experience and are so happy about the fact that my dream birth came true.  To every woman out there who wants to have a gentle birth, HypnoBirthing works!  The money was well-invested in your course and it was the best gift I gave to myself during my pregnancy."

--- Grit B., first time mom

"It's incredible how proud of myself I feel ... I had the birth that I dreamed of having, without a single intervention. I simply couldn't have asked for more.

Thank you so much for your time and guidance. Our Hypnobirthing experience has been invaluable."

--- Stephanie,  second time mom

"The HypnoBirthing training truly made our birthing experience as positive and stress-free as it could be.  Thank you again for all your help and awesome teaching, Helen. We will definitely recommend the HypnoBirthing classes to any of our friends who become pregnant in the future."

--- Toni Thompson

"The program is very well put together.  I am a firm believer in the idea that the success of any program is heavily weighted in the abilities of the instructor - Helen is excellent."

--- Ryan, HypnoBirthing dad

Helen, thanks again for the preparation. It was really valuable!  I was so happy I got to experience a birth with no drugs and while the epidural during my first delivery was what saved me from having surgery, I felt almost redeemed this time around. From the time my waters released to birth was less than 3 hours. A stark contrast to 31 hours last time. I'm shocked to see how different two labours can be for the same person, how different and more difficult a posterior labour is after experiencing both, and really wish I'd had Hypnobirthing on my side last time!

--- Corrie, second time mom

"My friends and family are very impressed that we had a natural home birth. Thank you again for the sessions, this could not have been achieved without the preparation mentally and physically."

--- Nicole E.

"Everything about this program is amazing and has made me feel absolutely wonderful and excited to give birth.  I love everything about the whole experience!"

--- Angie

"It was an honour to have Helen Tang and HypnoBirthing be a part of our pregnancy process.  As this was our first pregnancy, we knew right away that we wanted our experience to be calm, peaceful, and loving.

Instantly in our first session, we knew we had made the right decision as Helen's voice soothed away our tensions and helped us reach a beautifully relaxed state.  Working on our fears and eliminating any negative subconscious energies was terrific for us.

During my labour, I will always remember the most beautiful 20 minute visualization that my husband gave me, thanks to all of his training with Helen. HypnoBirthing with Helen Tang is a must for all pregnant couples!"

--- Bliss Prema, Yoga instructor

"A fantastic program which has undoubtedly put giving birth in a whole new light for us!  As a birthing companion, I feel I now have the tools to do my job on the day.  We're now fully excited! "

--- Anthony, HypnoBirthing dad

"Dear Helen, thank you for being our hypnotherapist.  Your contribution helped make our birth so beautiful."

--- R.K.  Vancouver

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HypnoBirthing® offers you:

Ř  Your own copy of the 302-page HypnoBirthing® Text, HypnoBirthing - The Mongan Method
5 information-packed class meetings
Ř  5 professionally written scripts for your home practice
2 CDs for your relaxation, stress reduction, and bonding

Ř  Handouts for planning your Birth Preferences
A set of Birth Prompts for your birth Companion
Demonstration and practice in optimal birth positions
A free hypnotic session in building birth confidence and eliminating fears
A Guide to good pregnancy nutrition
Several deep relaxation techniques for use during birthing, plus
Well-paced instruction designed to build your confidence and help you to have a safer, easier, and more comfortable birthing
Special calm breathing methods for use throughout labour and during birthing
Small classes for personal attention
Body toning exercises and practice


HypnoBirthing® Course Highlights

6How the mind and emotions affect the body

6Why labour hurts and why it doesn’t have to

6Releasing fear, the enemy of labour

6Preparing your mind and body for birthing

6Reducing the need for  artificial induction and episiotomy

6Developing ultimate-depth relaxation

6Understanding the stages of labour

6Preparing your Birth Plan

6Breathing your baby down for birth


Class Format, Location & Cost

The HypnoBirthing® program is taught in five 2.5 hour weekly classes. The course fee for the HypnoBirthing® program is $395 per couple for group classes.  Please call to inquire about private class rate.

The fee includes attendance for two people, the official HypnoBirthing book by Marie Mongan, the Rainbow Relaxation CD, the Birth Affirmations CD and class handouts.

Classes are held at #303 - 15292 Croydon Drive, South Surrey, BC


2012 Class Schedule

Mar 17 to May 05, Sat. 9:30-12:00am (full)

May 22 to Jun 19, Tue. 7:00-9:30pm (full)

Jul 11 to Aug 08, Wed. 7:00-9:30pm (one space)

Sep 12 to Oct 10, Wed. 7:00-9:30pm (full)

Oct 24 to Nov 28, Wed. 7:00-9:30pm (full)

Nov 13 to Dec 11, Tue. 7:00-9:30pm


2013 Class Schedule

Feb 20 to Mar 20, Wed. 7:00-9:30pm

May 01 to May 29, Wed. 7:00-9:30pm

Jul 10 to Aug 07, Wed. 7:00-9:30pm

Sep 25 to Oct 23, Wed. 7:00-9:30pm


Any time from 13 to 35 weeks in your pregnancy is a great time to start. 

If the above class schedules do not work for you, please contact me as I may be able to schedule additional group classes due to ongoing requests. 

Make up class option is also available if you are not able to attend all the classes.

You can either call me at 778-868-4094 or fill out the contact form  or  email  me to inquire (please include your contact number in your email).

Each group is limited to a maximum of 5 couples.  For more information or to book your private or group HypnoBirthing® classes >> call me at 778-868-4094 or fill out the contact form or  email  me (please include your contact number in your email).


I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Certified HypnoBirthing® Educator serving the communities of White Rock, Surrey, Langley, Delta and Richmond, BC.


---  Affiliated with the HypnoBirthing® Institute ---


More Birth Stories

Grit's Story

Thank you Helen for your support and help.  We had a great birthing experience and are so happy about the fact that my dream birth came true.

Here is my birth story.

I decided to have a home birth because of the hospital birth stories I read. I watched every youtube home birth video I could find. The more I watched, the more comfortable I got with idea of a home birth. My dream birth was one of a natural birth without any unnecessary interventions. I came across HypnoBirthing when I was doing my research on how to prepare myself for the kind of birth I wanted, the program appealed to me and I signed up for a class right away.

My husband and I started the course with you and we had the feeling that we were at the right place.  I listened to Rainbow Relaxation CD and practised breathing techniques every day.  The practice and the affirmations helped me relax. Another big part of the program that helped me was the fear release session, I felt so confident  after that session that I knew I was ready to give birth at home.

My contractions started when I was 40 weeks and 6 days, and I didn't even notice it at first. In fact, I thought I was having braxton hicks for the first 3 hours even though they were 3 minutes apart.  We called the midwife and she suggested that I take a bath first.  We called again after the bath and at that point the surges were becoming stronger and I had to focus my energy on breathing, but I still thought I was having braxton hicks because there was no pain.  The midwife arrived shortly and checked on me.  I was surprised to hear that I was already 5 cm dilated.  It wasn't until my water broke that I believed that I was in labour.  I went back into the bathtub while my partner and midwife prepared the pool for me to give birth in.   The pool was in our living room.  In the meantime, I kept breathing and focusing on staying relaxed.  A couple of minutes later I moved into the pool and felt so much better as soon as I got in because the pool was so much more comfortable. 

As I was lying in the pool, I kept breathing and telling myself to relax and to surrender to the natural process.  It did not take long before I felt I could start pushing. I tried to breath the baby down, but since I could not figure out a way, I decided to push.  I pushed for two hours, it may sound like a long time but it did not feel that way to me at all.  I just focused on staying calm and relaxed the entire time. And then all of a suddenly, my baby floated into the water, and I just grabbed him and I could not believe that that was it.  I turned around and asked my midwife, was that it?  I couldn't believe it was all over, it was so easy. The birth took 8 hours, and I didn't even think I was in labour the first 3 hours.  I did not feel pain for the remaining 5 hours I was in active labour.  It was just hard work, hard work to stay relaxed and focus.  My partner said that I made giving birth look so easy.  My midwife commented afterwards that I could be the poster child for HypnoBirthing because I stayed so calm and was so in control. My baby was 9.8 pounds and 55 cm, and I am so proud of myself for having delivered him at our home and without any drugs.

To every woman out there who wants to have a gentle birth, HypnoBirthing works!  The money was well-invested in your course, Helen, and it was the best gift I gave to myself during my pregnancy.

Grit and Mike


Stephanie's Story

Hi Helen, I hope you're well. 


We had a baby girl on October 4th at 9:57 am; her name is Verona and she weighed 7lbs 4.5 oz. My labour was very fast and very easy! I started having mild cramps at about 3:00 am and at about 4:00 we went for a walk outside. We walked for an hour or so and I decided it was time for me to relax and get focused. So I went back to bed and started listening to my Hypnobirthing CD. By 6:00 I was having regular but short surges that were really easy to breathe through. We called Anne at 7:30 and she arrived 45 minutes later. She checked me and I was 3 cm dilated, but felt my labour would progress quickly. She suggested that Brad fill the pool right away if I wanted to use it and had me get in around 8:45. At 9:44 (exactly!!) Anne checked me and I was 6cm dilated, so she called the backup midwife. At that point I thought that the baby would come in the next two hours so I just tried to focus on relaxing my body and breathing calmly, but within minutes of checking me I had 2 very strong surges and felt intense pressure. I never even had a chance to breathe Verona down, as she came out entirely on her own in the next two contractions! 13 minutes from 6 cm to baby in my arms!! I could barely believe it! She was born without any pushing, she began breathing right away and barely cried at all. She was so calm and relaxed! And the backup midwife didn't arrived until about 20 minutes after Verona was born. :)

It's amazing how different but similar my two labours were. With Theron I was two weeks late, was induced and had such intense labour that I barely remember his birth and it left me feeling stressed and defeated. Verona came a few days early, on her time, entirely without fear or stress. Her birth was so peaceful and joyous. Both my labours were 6 hours and both progressed very quickly at the end but I feel so proud of myself and I've realized that I simply labour quickly. Verona's birth has actually made me feel so much better about Theron's birth. I always felt that Theron's birth was so fast because I was induced and the intensity was due to that. I never believed it could have simply been my body that did all the hard work on its own, but now I know that it was. And although Theron's birth was stressful, I must have done something right within my mind and body, because my body opened the same way it did with Verona. 

It's incredible how proud of myself I feel... I had the birth that I dreamed of having, without a single intervention. I simply couldn't have asked for more. There was only one point when I was unable to stay focused and it was right after Anne checked my at 6cm. The Hypnobirthing CD had stopped and everyone was talking so I had to ask everyone to be quiet and to restart my affirmations then I was able to fall back into relaxation right away which is a good thing, since my labour ended so quickly. Without a doubt the Hypnobirthing really made the difference for me. Brad was able to support me fully and seemed to know what to do at exactly the right moment and I never felt like I wasn't in control or that everything was spiraling around me.

Thank you so much for your time and guidance. Our Hypnobirthing experience has been invaluable. 



Corrie's Story

I started having practice labour/ Braxton Hicks about every half hour during the day of May 25th and really didn't notice until a few hours later when I would glance down at my watch. Hm, interesting, I thought, and continued gardening with my 3 year old. I called my best girlfriend in Nanaimo who was planning on being my Doula around 4pm, and told her I was having some rhythmic tightening but it could go on like that for days. I said "Hey why don't you come over and if it happens, great, if not, we've had a great weekend together". She hopped on the 8:15 ferry and Ryan went to pick her up in Tsawwassen. By the time he got back around 11 pm I was having what amounted to mild "period cramps". So I was kind of surprised when on a lark I decided to time them. I actually felt silly timing them. 11 minutes, 8 minutes, 5 MINUTES apart in rapid succession. What??? Ok, this can't actually be labour ... can it? So at 11:30 we all headed to bed, I popped a Tylenol hoping I'd get a good night's sleep because clearly something would be happening at some point in the next day. That's when my membranes released. At midnight. All over the bedroom floor. And I laughed out loud.  I think I said "Ryan, check this OUT?!" Last time it happened gradually, so this actually made me laugh and I started getting really excited. We called our midwife Lisa since I was GBS positive and she said she would head over to start the antibiotics, to which my response was "Are you sure? Already?" Good thing she did come right away.

By 1:30am I was in active labour, we had abandoned our home birth (strike two ... damn it!) due to meconium in the amniotic fluid, the grandparents had arrived to babysit a sleeping Peyton, and we were headed to Surrey Memorial hospital.  Neither Surrey nor Peace Arch had a bed available despite registering, so here's where my Hypnobirthing relaxation techniques REALLY came in handy as I started envisioning delivering my baby in a hallway somewhere. Instead I started envisioning the blue ribbons and saying to myself "relax relax relax" or "open open" through each surge.  Between about 12:15 and the time the baby was born I used the surge breathing with every surge and was really surprised at how easily I was coping with them. I was having conversations and would stop and say "hang on", breath through the surge, and then continue the conversation or crack a joke. It was really easy to make the change to relaxed, focused body and mind.

That said, I tried to block out the "no room" situation and had my eyes closed doing surge breathing and calm breathing the entire 15 minute trip to the hospital. By the time we got there I think I was in transition … in the parking garage, because I had a couple of particularly strong surges where I hung onto Ryan and just dropped my body weight. I think he almost dropped me! haha.

By 2:30am Lisa had the IV in my arm in the triage area of the birthing unit (no private room, but we had no company) and I was asking Ryan to do some of the Hypnobirthing prompts because the anchoring exercises we did really really helped. Just hearing his voice telling me to relax changed my experience of "pain" through surges as they were inserting IVs and the monitor belt, to more of an intense sensation that I could deal with. The distraction of the procedures is what started to throw me off and that's really the only time throughout the labour that I can say I experienced pain.  Just hearing his voice through that part lessened my perception of pain by about 30%. I thought that was remarkable. He could've honestly been saying "I had a tuna sandwich for lunch" and I wouldn't have cared. It was the timbre of his voice that totally worked.

One surge after the IV was inserted I had this overwhelming sensation that I was going to pee myself….right now! So we started making the trip to the bathroom, when I had the overwhelming sensation that my body was pushing this baby out. I had zero control over it, and it actually felt really good.  Lisa was telling me "don't push", not, I discovered, because I wasn't ready, but because she didn't want me to drop the baby in the hallway on the short walk to what would act as our delivery room down the hall. I was really surprised at the force of my body and how we could be there already since she'd only checked me once and I was 2 cms open at about 12:45 am, and here we were at 2:35 and I couldn't stop this urge. I used birth breathing through the NER that they talk about in Hypnobirthing classes ( I can't really call it pushing because I wasn't doing anything). I tried to focus on breathing and each birth breath came out as a low guttural sound that I'm glad wasn't recorded on tape…because I'm pretty sure I was mooing. I wasn't in pain at all though. It was just a crazy feeling that I don't think I'll ever forget.  My girlfriend said to me later that she'd gone for coffee and on the way back thought to herself, "I hope that woman isn't disturbing Corrie. Wait a minute. that IS Corrie!" haha.

Within 15 minutes Kennedy Rose Ashton was born weighing 3110 grams or 6 lbs 14 oz at 2:49 am on May 26th. I had a minor tear probably due to the fact that she came so quickly and I couldn't slow down the pushing, I had torn with my first delivery, and that her hand came out with her head, but I couldn't have told you I'd torn…there was no sensation other than a slight "ow, careful" uttered as Lisa was turning Kennedy's body to help the shoulders come on the next surge.

I was so calm through the whole thing and right after was saying "Wow, that was a piece of cake!" Well, that was right after the "ugly but joyful cry" and saying "i did it!" and "I can't believe it was so fast" about a million times. I was so happy I got to experience a birth with no drugs and while the epidural during my first delivery was what saved me from having surgery, I felt almost redeemed this time around.  From the time my waters released to birth was less than 3 hours. A stark contrast to 31 hours last time. I'm shocked to see how different two labours can be for the same person, how different and more difficult a posterior labour is after experiencing both, and really wish I'd had Hypnobirthing on my side last time!


Nicole's Story

Hi Helen.

I had my baby on Nov.10th, 10 days early just like suspected. My water broke at midnight and I began feeling surges around 2am. My midwives and my sister, Amanda arrived at my home around 5am.

I had back labour which was very uncomfortable and difficult for me to do the surge breathing. Light touch massage wasn't working well with back labour either, I really wanted Amanda to put lots of force and pressure on my lower back.  The birthing pool was very helpful and being calm and limp is the ONLY way to deal with the surges.

By 7am I was 7cms dialated and Lila was born at 9:22am. My midwives were sooooo proud of me for maintaining calm and breathing through the surges. Birth breathing and breathing her down, visualizing the J was unbelievable effective. You really do just need to trust your body and follow it's lead. Chris and Amanda were amazing, they followed my lead and really kept a great atmosphere for me. Lila came out very gently and alert as can be. She was 7lbs 7oz and 21 inches long. I had no tears and I healed very quickly.

Amanda has grown tremedously from the entire experience. My friends and family are very impressed that we had a natural home birth. Thank you again for the sessions, this could not have been achieved without the preperation mentally and physically.